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Rocket Mechanic

Bachelor Project // Prototype

Rocket Mechanic

VR Escape Room for Oculus Quest

You are the first person on Mars – and you have to leave … NOW! The starting sequence of the escape pod has been initiated, but it needs some last-minute repairs. Fix things up quickly or the expedition might end badly!


This prototype was the practical part for my Bachelor Thesis at the Cologne Game Lab. Since my thesis concerned itself with the concept of affordance in VR, the goal of my prototype was to create a VR experience that was as intuitive as possible. 


The goal of my design was to create an experience, that needed no tutorial or additional explanation in order to be played. In Rocket Mechanic players are provided with a random selection of modules in a small cylindrical space that they have to solve within a set time frame in order to win the game.
There is only one interaction button and all module tasks are designed to be self-explanatory. Additionally, interactive elements are highlighted with a bright yellow colour.


The prototype served as a proof of concept, and in the following playtests it became clear that my intent of creating intuitive VR gameplay had worked. Players needed no additional instructions in order to be able to play the game. In future iterations, I would like to introduce procedural levels to increase replayability and create a coherent narrative to tie everything together. Additionally, more diverse modules could help to create a more challenging experience.